Why Choose Cambridge Computer Support C2S for your Development or Installation


Founded in 1995 with a skip full of broken 1970s IBM PCs C2S has aimed to be the IT solution provider of choice for the small to medium size enterprise in the East of England and London.
Despite this we have gone a little further, helping the NHS (the second largest employer in the world) develop the online GP referral system from the original paper letter system and rather more recently delivered ecommerce solutions for the Judge Business School (the number one ranked world leader business college of Cambridge University).

server rooms

But we have not forgotten our roots and care as much for the little guy. We don’t have the heart to abandon support of our Cambridge local professorial home user base even though some of our clients are expanding worldwide.
So C2S currently supports and delivers operations in 5 time zones not including the secret location of our web server cluster. When C2S founder Ric Alston connected his first user to the internet there was a utility to count the number of people logged on. It was marginally over 2000.

office people

The growth of the internet has inspired us to spend the last two years developing a new super server incorporating about 1000 virtual servers built on the world’s largest cloud infrastructure. As well as this C2S is partnered with the world’s two leading computer security companies. Sophos who provide local network antivirus, penetration detection and encryption technologies and Qualys – a spin off from the United States Department of Defence and the best people to test the external security of your networks and websites. Joining the gaps, C2S is a Zen partner, the UK’s most consistent first place award winning broadband and telecoms provider.
With the intrusion of computer, especially internet technologies into so many aspects of business, industry and our personal lives, C2S as experts are often given broad scopes of responsibility. Because of the change in music distribution we have just been commissioned to create a record label from scratch. This connection with artists is not new for us. We’ve been using award winning artists, including the prestigious London Design Council awards, to deal with the layout, look and branding for just about everyone - from authors to international electronics manufacturers.


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