Cyber Security

Mitigating the Cyber Security Threat

C2S engages with the leading figures in cyber security. Our cyber security policy echoes the best from the world leading academics in cyber risk insurance calculations, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the world leading security solution providers like Sophos.

Our short to-do list

  • Access Control – Clever ways to make sure it’s the right people getting access.
  • AI – Cleverer ways of making sure what’s going on is supposed to be going on.
  • Filtering – An old term but it covers everything from Firewall rules, whitelists and blacklists.

Redundancy – there’s no point “resting on your laurels” after the act. Crime and prevention have a long history. It is a cat and mouse game. While we create stronger and more resilient security technology, criminal and other “cyber actors” create cleverer ways of breaking in. Redundancy is the solution. We must anticipate the worst and be prepared for it.

The long to-do list

We are pleased to be able to reproduce two pages from Solving Cyber Risk. If you want to know how money is spent on cyber security and how it should be spent (Yes – they’re different!) Please click here for the most informed data collated by leading insurance experts and the Cambridge University Centre for Risk Studies.

For readers who really need to understand cyber risk rather than outsourcing it to consultants like us we recommend starting with this book: Solving Cyber Risk. By Andrew Coburn, Éireann Leverett and Gordon Woo.